Move to a specific line number

To jump to a particular line use M-g M-g and enter the line number.

The current line number of the cursor is displayed in the modeline (the bar near the bottom of the window with various information displayed).

  • TobyHaynes

    Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to left-click on the line number in the mode-line and choose a new line? I see various ‘clickables’ built into the mode-line but nothing for column or line number.

    • Ben Maughan

      Do you mean to click on the mode-line and type in a number? I’m not sure I see the benefit as this would seem slower than using M-g M-g, or am I missing something? For my taste, I prefer to use the mouse as little as possible.

      • TobyHaynes

        This being emacs I think we’d want something smarter. Maybe a list of line numbers inferred from recent mark positions, or the kill ring, or some semantically interesting list (function defs, etc).