Reschedule multiple items in org agenda

I (all too) often find myself failing to complete all the tasks I schedule for a particular day and so need to reschedule them in my org agenda. To do this (and other operations) on multiple items, mark the items in your agenda view using m then hit B to bring up the bulk action list and then s to reschedule. This will set the new scheduled date to all marked items.

  • dije

    Two problems remaining, one for all users, the other maybe just for me. First, marking those tasks is a tedious, error-prone job that cries out for automation. Best I’ve come up with is a keyboard macro that just does isearch for ‘Sched. 2x:’ and then marks. Second, I’ve got a bulk action `ph/bulk-reschedule-to-today` that works when invoked with ‘B f ph/bulk-reschedule-to-today RET’ but doesn’t when I bind it to ‘B .’ using `org-agenda-bulk-custom-functions`, giving the error “eval: Wrong number of arguments: function, 0” before edebug can kick in on entry to my function.