• Phil

    I’ve used my own visible bell for years. Others might like it too:

    ;; The visible bell is usually fine, but still horrid in certain terminals.
    ;; We can make a nicer version.
    (defun my-visible-bell ()
    “A friendlier visual bell effect.”
    (invert-face ‘mode-line)
    (run-with-timer 0.1 nil #’invert-face ‘mode-line))

    (define-minor-mode my-visible-bell-mode
    “Use `my-visible-bell’ as the `ring-bell-function’.”
    :global t
    (let ((this ‘my-visible-bell-mode))
    (if my-visible-bell-mode
    (put this ‘visible-bell-backup visible-bell)
    (put this ‘ring-bell-function-backup ring-bell-function)
    (setq visible-bell nil
    ring-bell-function #’my-visible-bell))
    ;; Restore the original values when disabling.
    (setq visible-bell (get this ‘visible-bell-backup)
    ring-bell-function (get this ‘ring-bell-function-backup)))))

    (setq visible-bell t)
    (my-visible-bell-mode 1)

  • N1K31T4

    A random question – I like how your code blocks are shown on this website: their appearance. Do you write your posts in Org mode? Do you know of a way to make code blocks exported to Latex/PDF, so that they are also in a coloured box like yours are on this website?