Using the zenburn theme

A few people have asked about the theme I use in Emacs, as seen in the sreenshots and code snippets I use. It is zenburn, and I find it very easy on the eye, but also has good contrast and a nice colour palette for syntax highlighting.

Install and activate the theme by adding the following to your emacs config file

(use-package zenburn-theme
  :ensure t
  (load-theme 'zenburn t))
  • zenburn is also my favorite, great choice.

  • doolio

    Can you explain why you put the load-theme form in a :config rather than a :init? Thanks.

    • Good question. I can’t remember a good reason – I guess it should be in a :init!

      • doolio

        Thanks for the reply. I was curious as sometimes I see in an :init and other times in a :config as you have here.