• rdotdk

    Also woman command does syntax coloring which the man command doesn’t do.

  • jcs

    Does woman work with OS X now? I tried it a few years ago but because OS X was BSD based and uses the mdoc macro package for man pages I found it often wouldn’t format those man pages. I’d love to be able to use woman all the time if it can reliably format all the man pages.

    • You are right. I hadn’t come across this but this does still seem to be a problem. This might be what @offby1:disqus was referring to. Man seems like the better all round option, but I do see a brief delay compared to woman. I guess it would be fairly easy to write a wrapper function that used woman by default, but fell back to using man if needed. A job for a rainy day!

      • DCharness

        One such fallback approach: helm-woman-man from helm-man.

        I like both helm and woman, and helm-woman-man is a good compromise until and unless I follow through on my abortive attempts to teach woman mdoc macros.

        • Excellent tip for helm-woman-man, thanks!

  • offby1

    I used `woman` for a long time, but gave up on it, I think because it failed to render a lot of pages.

    Also, `man`, on a modern machine, is so fast, that there’s really no reason not to use it.