Save window layouts with ivy-view

The wonderful ivy library provides a command ivy-view which allows you to quickly bookmark the current arrangement of windows in your Emacs frame. The nice thing is that once you do this, the bookmarked arrangement then appears in your ivy-powered buffer switching list so changing back to the arrangement you had is as easy as switching buffers. This make a lightweight alternative to other mathods for managing window layouts.

To use this, just run ivy-push-view to store the current view, and optionally give it a name (a useful default we be offered). This will then be offered when you switch buffer using ivy-switch-buffer (which you are using automatically if you use ivy-mode). To make these ivy-views appear in your buffer list, you might need to set the option

(setq ivy-use-virtual-buffers t)

in you emacs config file.

Ivy author abo-abo gives an example on his blog post – take a look if this sounds useful.